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Chris and I have dinner with our daughter Andrea and her family every Friday night.  Six years ago, on the way home , I noticed this box resembling a bird house.  I asked our daughter to please check it out for me.     I asked several times , until finally she replied that it was a lending library and that she had ordered me one for Christmas.
My lending library was ordered from Wisconsin, a numbered library.   One could order it in parts or already assembled.     Andrea decided that it would be better to put it together herself, after she painted it.   It was a warmish fall,  and it was erected in November, six years ago.
We live on a quiet country – like street , with lots of people walking with their families and dogs.  Our neighbours we very excited when they saw the library.  It holds perhaps twenty or so books and I try to keep a variety of books in it – novels, mysteries, memoirs etc.   I am constantly buying the latest books to share with close friends and then I put them in the library.    Many interested readers are always placing their books in there as well.        Not only that – my husband and I have met many younger families that live in the neighbourhood and that is a bonus.     Plus letting others read books that we have already read – is great.   When the libraries were closed – the lending library was even more popular.
I think that the gift from Andrea is still one of the best gifts I have received – lots of books for everyone who is interested – sometimes delivery men borrow books as well , sometimes men working on the street – all perfect.  I love it!