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Early in August of 2020, Josephine Vaccaro-Chang, the founder of Project 99A, asked Sophia Nazari, my best friend, and I if we’d like to create a children’s book together in support of Project 99A. We immediately agreed and got to planning. From initial text drafts and rough sketches to the final story and detailed, printed drawings, our book took shape. Then, it was published by Dance In The Rain Publishing!

In Archie’s Morning Adventures, readers join an extraordinary feline, Archie, on his morning adventures and read with this curious, fluffy, and playful cat on his literary journey! The story was inspired by Joshua Goldhar, his cat Archie, and their apartment full of books.

Archie’s Morning Adventures can be purchased on Dance In The Rain’s website (danceintherain.ca) under the “Books” tab, or at wearecolourfulfriends.ca/book-titles.

The entire process, albeit lengthy, was rewarding and fulfilling, and Sophia and I are so glad we did this together. She says, “The process of creating the book (including tons of decisions, laughs, minuscule corrections, emails, and weekly Google Meets) has been such an incredible, unforgettable and fun experience.”

We hope Archie’s Morning Adventures brings you as much joy as it does us!