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 La Rocca Chocolate Truffle Cake La Rocca Chocolate Truffle Cake

Yesterday Alina Lopez-Givens, General Manager of La Rocca Creative Kitchen in Richmond Hill, Ontario generously offered to supply birthday cake for all the Aquarians and their guests celebrating at Project 99A’s upcoming fundraising event. She asked a simple question, “What type of cake would you like?” I froze. I was completely speechless.

As a self-professed chocoholic I didn’t know how to answer the question. When Alina asked if everything was ok I realized that I had that deer in the headlights expression. No, everything was not ok. Did she really think I could figure it out in just a few seconds?

Choosing from La Rocca’s extensive collection of cakes would require careful consideration. My analysis would involve listing the names of all the cakes, flavours, ingredients, etc. into an EXCEL spreadsheet then trying to eliminate a couple of flavours.

Our event is only 7 days away and La Rocca will need time to bake and decorate the cakes so Alina will expect an answer early next week. I could really use your making this important decision. Kindly share the names of your top three La Rocca cakes. Once I hear back from you I’ll update my spreadsheet which will help narrow the field.

Looking forward to seeing you at our event on Fri., Jan. 31st at The Richmond Hill United Church—7pm – 10pm in beautiful Richmond Hill, Ontario.

 La Rocca Affogato Cake La Rocca Affogato Cake